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Real Estate Issues

Real Estate Issuesmortgage

Misunderstandings can arise between buyers and sellers of property and between neighbors. Well crafted legal documents can help avoid these situations. When disputes arise, mediation or litigation may be necessary to resolve the issues. Willow Creek Law offers legal representation involving real estate.

Disputes Involving Property Purchases

When buying or selling real estate, disputes can arise between the parties. For example, a buyer may feel that a seller has failed to disclose an important fact about a home or a property condition. Under Utah law, a homeowner who is selling property must disclose to the buyer any known significant conditions of the property, including, by way of example, cracks in the foundation, a leaking roof, past flooding, mold, among other things. If a seller fails to disclose those things, a buyer may have a claim against the seller for fraudulent nondisclosure or fraudulent concealment, as well as for breach of contract. If you have recently bought or sold property, we can assist you in navigating these legal issues. If you are planning to buy or sell property in the near future, an attorney’s assistance in preparing the contract can help avoid certain problems.

Additionally, neighbors can face certain challenges regarding boundary lines, rights of access to property such as easements, and dangerous conditions, among other things. For example, what happens if a neighbor places a fence on your property or claims that your fence is on their property? Or, what happens if you have been accessing your property over a neighbor’s land, and they suddenly block access? Willow Creek Law can help you navigate disputes arising from those concerns.

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