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Disputes and Litigation

Disputes often start small and grow quickly. One small dispute can escalate into a wide set of assertions and legal claims. Sometimes a simple misunderstanding can soon snowball into legal claims of fraud, negligent misrepresentation, mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty, bad faith, and others.

Most business disputes involve an allegation that one or both parties have not lived up to an agreement. Many disputes can be settled through effective communication and objectivity. Unfortunately, objectivity can quickly be lost as tensions mount and the parties draw lines in the sand. The parties may discuss the issue and attempt to resolve their disagreements amicably. When that fails, they may attempt to hire counsel to negotiate a good outcome or hire a mediator in an attempt to find common ground. Ultimately, our system is founded upon the principal of court oversight of disputes--disputes that can’t be resolved amicably can be resolved in adjudication before a judge and/or a jury.

At Willow Creek Law, we pursue various avenues of dispute resolution based on the needs of our clients. In conference with our clients, we select the dispute resolution method that is appropriate for them and the dispute at hand. Our main priority is our client and focusing on helping them to continue running their business with as little disruption as possible.

Handling Disputes & Litigation

We have been involved in litigating many hundreds of cases. We understand the value of attempting to resolve disputes without investing the time and incurring the expense that a lawsuit might entail. We work closely with our clients to attempt to resolve their cases efficiently and to avoid litigation where warranted. To that end, you can expect that we will be easy to contact, responsive to our clients and to opposing parties, and use our extensive experience in negotiation and mediation to resolve matters as quickly and effectively as possible.  

When involved in litigation, we will continue to be responsive and update our clients regularly on things pertaining to their case.  We have years of experience reviewing evidence, conducting legal research, and arguing cases before the court. Where litigation is necessary, you want a firm in your corner that is willing and able to advance a case through the court process. Willow Creek Law is such a firm.

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